Related Events

  • “Informing Empire: Science, Empire, and Information in the Long Nineteenth Century,” Information in Society Workshop. Organized by Jessica Ratcliff, GSLIS post-doctoral fellow (November 4th, 2011).
  • “Digital Depression: The Crisis of Digital Capitalism,” a presentation by Dan Schiller (September 30th, 2011).

Massive and sustained corporate investment in and around ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) developed in respose to the economic downturn of the 1970s, within a multifaceted attempt to renew profitable growth. Four core components of this response to crisis were a restructuring of the production system, growing financialization, renewed militarization, and a protracted re-organization of the information and communications sector itself. Eventually, however, these primary axes of development of digital capitalism engendered a new and even graver financial-economic crisis. May we expect the information and communications sector to reprise its earlier role in renewing the accumulation process? How may geopolitical-economic forces be rebalanced?

Listen to a recent conversation with Prof. Schiller on culture, communication, and capitalism here.