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If you are interested in sharing your work in the area of the history of information, please contact Alistair Black or Bonnie Mak.


Racialized archives, local histories

In this talk, Dr. Vanessa Rouillon introduces her research on the early twentieth-century rhetorical and racial uplift work conducted in Bethel AME Church, an African American congregation in Champaign, Illinois.

When I Served the Post as a Coachman

For nearly 400 years, like many empires before it, the Russian Empire used a post horse relay system as its basic communications system. Officials–and later paying private travelers–were provided with horses, at a series stations set ~30 kilometers apart, by populations obligated (as imperial subjects) to do so.

Chasing the dumpster

This talk chronicles twelve years of trying to track down and acquire newspapers for the American Antiquarian Society. This includes…

Entangled genealogies

To be a genealogist, to do genealogy, requires sources of information. These sources emerge as part of ever-evolving information infrastructures.…